When Should The National Decision Model Be Used?

The National Decision Model is a risk assessment model that has been adopted by the country’s police force. It was meant as a replacement for the conflict management model and while it is largely similar to this replaced technique, it was believed that the model needed a name which highlighted its all-encompassing nature. The model is designed to be used in all situations and when making any decisions and it can be used for spontaneous decisions as well as planned actions. It can be used prior to making a decision, following the decision making process, and as a means of assessing the decision making process.

Why Replace The Conflict Management Model?

Prior to the introduction of this new model, forces used the Conflict Management Model. This risk assessment model was widely regarded as providing a method of assessing risks involved in conflict and potentially dangerous situations. While it is widely believed that the model worked for any situation, the Association of Chief Police Officers believed that the old model put people off using it in situations other than conflict.

The new National Decision Model is used as a replacement and while it does borrow many of the techniques and principles of the original, it has been amended and updated so that it can be used for virtually all occasions and all requirements.

Spontaneous Decisions And Planned Actions

The NDM can be used in absolutely any circumstance and this includes in those instances when spontaneous and immediate decisions are required as well as when planning particular and specific actions. Once learned, the model can be applied in circumstances where immediate action is needed.

Spontaneous decisions are usually those that are made in the field when instant action is needed. This means that the model needs to be relatively simple to follow to ensure that the decision can be made quickly and efficiently.

Making Decisions

For officers in the field, making the right decision is essential. They need to make a decision based on the needs and requirements of the community as a whole while ensuring that it is the correct decision for victims and others involved in a particular incident.

Following the National Decision Model means that officers are able to make quick and accurate decisions on any policing question. The model can be used as a means of planning long term action too. This means that everybody from officers to managers and decision makers will come to rely on the National Decision Model.

Justifying Decisions

Once a decision has been made it is possible to use the National Decision Model as a method of justifying the decision made. Officers may use this to justify the decision for themselves or during assessment of a particular situation. There are occasions when officers are asked to justify the decision they made after the event, and this is one occasion when the NMD can prove very useful.

Officers and others within the force will receive training on how to apply the process to their everyday work. Applying the model means that they can also ensure that they have made the right decisions for all parties concerned.

Assessing The Decision Making Process

There are many processes involved in the working day and everybody from front line officers to managers can benefit from the use of a standardised set of processes that guide the individual through making the right decision. Policing decisions affect a large number of people from many different walks of life and this is one reason why it is so important that the process be checked and verified.

Managers and assessors can reapply the National Decision Model to decisions made by others and to determine whether the most appropriate course of action and the best decision were made in the circumstances. Different people may interpret situations and decisions differently and even by using a standardised model  such as the NDM it is possible for different people and different groups of people to come to different solutions.

When Should The NDM Be Used?

The National Decision Model is used in any circumstance when a decision needs to be made. There are many occasions when it can prove pertinent to have a standardised model of the decision making process in place and the NDM can be used by anybody from frontline officers to managers, team leaders, and assessors. The NDM can be used for spontaneous decisions as well as determining long term action and planning and implementing a plan or course of action to be taken in the future.